Sunday, March 15, 2009

All in a Week...

What do i blog about today?
Should i write another Memoir from my childhood?
Should i make it random?
Should it be about things that happened recently? Ok let's try...i'll keep typing, you'll get a post, whichever thoughts my hyper active mind decide are dominant at the moment...then we will give it a! You don't have an option not to deal. lol

BobTV film festival took place here in Abuja this last week and i attended at the Sheraton hotel. I was particularly interested in a class on Story writing. I got there first day and i didn't know it was such an organised event. There were ushers in red checking out tags and asking people to come register. My friend; a screen writer who omitted details had omitted the fact that i would have to register with five grand. I didn't have that much cash, i try not to carry cash on me cos i just end up spending what i don't need. Thankfully i had my ATM card, i got to the machines and in the whole of Sheraton, not one machince carried cash. That pissed me off.

My friend was blogging the event so i waited for him outside, i got a number of hellos from random guys who were also attending the festival and i tried to wear my nice cap. Several minutes later i was still waiting and one of the guys who had said hello earlier walked up to me.

Random guy: Hi, you're still outside?

*alarm bells go off in my head* i'm thinking obviously...would you see me outside if i wasn't outside? I humour him and instead i say

Me: 'yes'

Random guy: You must be a student. What school are you from?

For crying out loud, i tried my best to look a bit responsible. Not my usual top and jeans, i was wearing a nice indian top with jeans. How exactly do i look like a student? Once again i humour him

Me: No, i'm a writer

Random guy: What newspaper do you write for?

Oh my God! This guy is so mumu! Does every writer write for a newspaper? Dude still lives in the dark ages

Me: No i am a freelance writer. I write for screen, i write fiction....(i'm tired, i don't owe him an explanation)

Random guy: *takes a look at me from head to toe* But you're also a student?

Now i'm really annoyed, did i not just tell this dude that i'm not a student? I suppose to him i looked to young or small to be anything else? I wonder if he was trying to hit on me or not but for crying out loud, i wear two rings on my wedding finger...maybe most guys think they're a joke! Who knows?

Me: Do you know how many years ago i graduated?

I walk off and hear him say after me, has it really been that long then? Dude, yes it's been a while, almost 7 and it would have been more, no thanks to the strikes when i was in Uni.

Cabbage diet
I decided to do the cabbage diet for a week as African weight loss diva recommended. It's supposed to help lose 4kg in a week. I desire to weigh less than 65kg, i now weigh between 67 and 68kg and i thought, why not take a short cut? Cabbage gave me so much gas, i gave up the diet after three days and concluded...a lifestyle change is better than a quick fix programme. Lesson learnt the hard way, i still have some of the gas and i'm hardly able to eat. Hubby laughed at me so hard and he said...'i know we don't say i told you so, but if there was a worst line right now, i should use it...' I eyed him, i should have thrown a pillow at

I have a confession to make, i haven't gone jogging in a month! A whole month...i'm now thinking of exercising in a structured manner, like maybe register in a gym here, used to go to one in Lagos. Or maybe swim on particular days during the week and have a set number of laps...still thinking about it...your thoughts are welcome

I'm writing a screenplay, still putting the story together and now my characters are creeping into my sleep, help!

I took an afternoon nap, and dreamt that Simeone did a post, wanting to know about something personal, i'm not telling exactly what but i'm wondering ok, why is Simeone creeping into my dream? Whatever thoughts you're entertaining about me dude, time to, you sometimes gives me the creeps!

Ok, peace out! off to watch rubbish tv with Mr and enjoy some laughter together.


StandTall-The Activist said...

BTW do you have to dress in a particular way to betaking not for a student? Some people just dont have a good manner of approach.

No matter what I wear, a lot of pple refer to me as "this girl". Imagine.

If your xters are creeping into your sleep, wake up and finish the script, that is the remedy I guess

Have you any wool said...

I once told a guy that i am married and he said 'what's your take on adultery because if you are cool with it, i am also cool'(someone who just met me at the cafe then). You can't help them, they are just impossible.

When characters creep, it's easier to jot them down right then. Mine scream at me at times.

writing classes sound like fun. keep having fun

Danny Bagucci said...

Guess the dude was so interested in making small talk that he mised the subtle hints to just walk!

He probably had scripted the scopes in his head and didn't want to be shunted off it by any means!

~Sirius~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DiaStar said...

Be glad someone thinks you're still a student. i think it's flattering actually (and amusing). since I had my first child, my body so changed that I can't imagine anyone mistaking me for a student.

Abujamaiden said...

My mum is asked why her younger sister runs errands (me doing my daughterly duties). I guess its a complement to be confused for being younger though you lose some respect in return.

I get the what secondary school are you from? tshewww and you know how we Univ. students like feeling old with ourselves.

RocNaija said...

lol @ relationship between cabbage and gas.. Who would have thought..?

Tigeress said...

writing a screenplay. emmm....that sounds interesting. Do keep us posted! :)

As for losing weight- if u take the shortcut- the higher the chance of it piling back on. Watch what u eat and excercise.

Funms-the rebirth said...

lmao @ d dude.... very dumb! cabbage diet? na wa o..... get back to the gym and u'd lose 4kg in 2 weeks

Sexkitten said...

This guy was hitting on you...saying you look like a student is his way of complimenting you. Some guys really are clueless. It's his line. He doesn't know anything else.

When it comes to losing weight, I don't believe in short cuts...It's all about diet and exercise.

Bibi said...

i would like that dude to explain how "students dress". some guys are just so... FIRST TIMER but i'll be back

LG said...

me i want to see dat indian top n jeans b4 i make any oda comment :-)
BTW i no blame dat random guy o :-)

~Sirius~ said...

Arrgh! my re-posted comment isn't here........*hiss
Can't stand random guys who don't get the message.

Good luck on the weight loss.....given up on any type of fad diet. 4kg has never felt soooo hard to loose (for me that is)

NoLimit said...

laffing @ dude...if only he knew the original response before it got edited...dude would have scrammed since last year!
I wonder what afro has to say about this cabbage ish you guys got your self into!!!LMAO
your characters are creeping into your dream...that's a sign that it's gonna be a block burster!!!

Olufunke said...

Are you not a student? I would have said yes o, student of life, student of the bible, student of 'dieting' ........LOL , some people can so get on someone's nerves,

I am 'trying' to diet too, but I am changing my lifestyle, and gratefully, its working, and I hope I would continue to.

Sorry, I gat no ideas about screen play writing...I no sabi o....
hoep you had a lovely weeekend

Writefreak said...

Standtall: No you definitely don't have to! I just wanted to look a bit
Oh yeah, i can so hate it when people refer to me as this girl too...guess we should be flattered!

Have you any wool: Please i'm interested in your response to the guy. Was he crazy or what!
I wish i could write while sleeping, lol..

Danny:'re right, he was prolly reeling off a script!

Diastar: I actually agree that it's flattering...hmm now that child bearing one, God help me o! This one that i think i'm getting

Abujamaiden: Hey, i hope to be like your mum when i grow up o! Oh tell me about feeling should have known better in my Uni

RocNaija:: My guess is as good as yours. I never would have thought!

Tigeress: I'll try to keep y'all posted. I suppose that advice is the age old sensible one!

funms: i'm trying to find my way back to the gym, part of the issue is i don't know anyone around where i live but i'll find out

i guess i need to exercise more then, i don't really eat rubbish

Bibi: Thanks for stopping by...some guys can be annoying..lemme finish it for

LG: you wan make i fight you? why you no blame am? if you come to my house, i will show you the clothes, i promise!

sirius: i wonder why blogger likes eating up comments!
i've lost weight before and i know what i did, i just need to push myself to do it now i think...before it's too

Nolimit: Dude was just dumb methinks..maybe we should beg afro to do a post on the cabbage soup diet to block buster!
how was your parry?

Olufunke: yes i'm a student o!
so how're you doing this diet? pls tell a sister o!
yes i had a fab weekend, did you?

Afrobabe said...

Funny I would have said yes if asked....I take it as a compliment...

Kémi Penélopê said...

While reading the 'Cabbage diet' part of your post, I was about to do it also but when I read your experience...I am definitely having second thougts. LOL

Random post but it was really funny reading through especially the last part...Those characters are already seeking to be directed (by a director) when you haven't submitted the script...Good Luck on a beautiful outcome with the script thing.

Have a fulfulled week ahead, Writefreak!!!

African Weight Loss Diva said...

Lol, the guy wanted to force you to become a student abi. Imagine. Anyway, look on the bright side, i would be happy if after 7 years of graduation someone referred to me as a student!

Kpele about your gas and the cabbage soup diet oh. Good luck in the gym. Just watch your intake and exercise regularly.

Enkay said...

lol at the 'dumb' guy. "But you are also a student?" Haba! The guy was pob'ly hard of hearing lol!

ugh! Gas! Terrible feeling it gives you I tell you! Maybe the gym would do the magic...that's if you don't procrastinate any longer! lol!

StandTall-The Activist said...

I will be flattered when their tone and manner suggest they are respectful to "that girl or this girl" lol

Fashinga said...

That dude needs some coaching on "how to approach a woman".
You should be happy he thought you were a student.. it means you're still looking great....

So cabbage gives gas eh? i wanted to try it...maybe i'll still try it...

Later Sweetie!!

doug said...

LMAO...give the guy a break, he thought you looked young and cute. hehehehehe

And I havent gone jogging in real

Buttercup said...

*sighs* some people just keep surprising me..what part of "i'm not a student" didn't he understand??

cabbage diet..please what does that entail exactly?

did u stop jogging cos of the 'stalker'?? joining a gym is a good idea..

good luck with the screenplay and lol @ ur dream..bloggers dreaming of each other seems to be the norm now..

Anonymous said...

Hey writefreak,

Nice try, the 'student' bit? Some guys do make it harder for the singles thereby embarrass the married ones. Where did he dig that line out from? Silly boy, "you are a student?".

I always like the way you capture your reader, obviously you are a writer, so no surprise there.

Nice post as usual.
taKia and God bless

THIRTY + said...

Yes o you are a student of life.

Dunno why he desperately wanted you to be a student.

As per diet, no short cut sis.

The Bookaholic said...

So hope the whole event went well and you were not disappointed following the questions during registration.

One thing that strikes me about the incident is the way people make untrue assumptions about you...and one's choice as to correcting it or allowing them wallow in their ignorance.

aloted said...

lol- i remember laffing and hissing when u told me about this dude and am doing the same now...nonsense boy! lol

me i dont believe in crash sure i have told u before...

all the best with the better lifestyle and exercising. better that way

simeone said...

wow..can my thots now be percieved over long distances...i'm all for mystery and surprises..and now u want me to spill..? o my..:-)

simeone said...

wow..can my thots now be percieved over long distances...i'm all for mystery and surprises..and now u want me to spill..? o my..:-)

Original Mgbeke said...

What kind of corny man was that? Nonsense!!! Some people make it so hard to be nice.

Aniwoos my dia write freak, no dey do all these crash and burn programs o as per weight loss. Lifestyle change go do am. Me sef I started drinking my 8 glasses of H20 daily, eating 3 straight meals and 2 healthy snacks in small portions and going to the gym 3-5 times a week and I see am improvement. Hang in there and stay dedicated.

Writefreak said...

Afrobabe: I could have said yes but it was a professional gathering and i didn't want to be treated like a child

Kemi Penelope: No, don't do the cabbage soup diet...easy does it milady..Thanks for stopping by

Diva: Thanks, i'll take your advice

Enkay: I'm sure he has cotton wool in his ears...well i decided to be doing some exercise in the house and today, i will go check out if there's a gym around! Amen, so help me God!

Standtall: me too...i will be..

Fashinga:Try the diet and lemme know how you get on the best!

doug: you think? 8 years? wow! do you exercise?

Bcup: it's a cabbage soup diet, you can check african weight loss diva's address for it. it's a diet plan to lose 4kg in one week!
The stalker is the main reason i stopped jogging, i wanted to wait it out for a while and then i lost all motivation o!
Thanks babe...i shall not dream of bloggers again- Amen!

babajidesalu: thanks so much for the compliment...i'm

Thirty+: You're right, no short cuts o!

Bookaholic: It actually went well and i learnt a bit. You're right about the assumption thingy

aloted: i love you my know how to be upset on my

simeone: you bera tell me now!

Mgbeks darling: Very corny indeed! Hmm i will follow this your pattern o but i cannot do more than 3ce in the gym in a week o, i'm sorry! lol

doll said...

@ Got any wool...are u for real??? that is so insulting

@ Topic...guess he meant the whole thing to be a compliment

Meanwhile let me knw if the cabbage diet works

Writefreak said...

Doll: I gave up on the crash diet o...slow and steady wins the race

bumight said...

if he mistook u for a student, then u dont need no cabbage diet!....ehen so tell me about this cabbage diet, lol