Monday, March 30, 2009

My name is Writefreak and...

This is probably the randomest post you read from me..brace yourself! Lol

I don't know why I fight wearing my glasses so much! Actually I can see clearly without them..but I get these huge headaches when I neglect them like a reminder to pick them up. Hubby bought me this posh Ferre Gamo frames but o ti o, yours truly will hide them in the bag. Well staring at my system all day hasn't helped so much so I have decided to be friends with my posh glasses...don't advice me to wear contacts! I think it's torture!

Or is it cos I've been looking like a nerd that I avoid wearing them glasses? With my braids packed up and the glasses, I think I'm a perfect fit for a nerd or is it a strict teacher? Not sure...wish I could post

I'm very clumsy! Yes! I hit things, I get burns and scratch myself so many times. I just can't help it. I try so hard. I'm not as bad but Susan in Desperate Housewives remind me of myself! I try but maybe I really don't care. *shrugs*

The past one week has seen me sleeping at some very odd hours- 5a.m, 6a.m. I write late into the night and do some chatting. The guilty parties know themselves! Keeping me awake all night but really it's more of working! I have now decided to be a normal human being so I shall not be staying up longer than 2a.m anymore so help me God!

There are honest Nigerians and I believe in this great country of ours. I left my second phone on the car yesterday mistakenly. Mr and I went to cut his hair and we were there for like ages...actually we were the last to leave the shopping centre. The gateman came to us as we drove out and wanted to know if we lost a phone. I was so sure, I said No. The guy wouldn't let up so Mr asked him for the fone and dialed it, voila, it was mine! It's a cheap phone but replacing would have been an agony! We gave him a tip and Mr said to him 'with people like you, there's hope for Nigeria'...yes there is! Thanks Titus for being a honest Nigerian.

I hate not getting what I want when I want it! It sucks when I don't but delay isn't denial. I'm learning that God knows what I need per time and I should just trust Him. I hear him saying daughter, just trust fully, one day at a time. I make all things beautiful I'm MY time. Teach me to trust life is in your hands.

I'm thinking of moving to MTN blackberry. Zain has been ripping me off! Why pay more when I can pay a flat rate? Ehn?

I love sleeping in. Why can't everyday be like Sunday? Dear God forgive me, I didn't go to church yesterday. But I woke up after noon and I felt blessed. The whole house was tidy..Mr had done all the chores. Dear God, I want more Sundays!

I shop for food once a month but I absolutely don't like it. I need a paradigm shift. I wonder what can make me like it's that time of the month when my fridge is getting empty and I'm thinking oh God not again! Lol

Is it wrong for me not to have all them grand 5 to 10 year plans? I do have things written down and I know where I'm going. I just like to live one day at a time resting it all in my Father's hands!

I have less owambes to attend and I'm not feeling guilty about it. Now when I'm invited, I have the luxury of sayin...'Eh ya and I'm not in lagos o'...that is such a tenable excuse! And I'm loving it!

I miss my Mom! Am I too old for that? I wasn't home throughout last year, mostly cos she and my dad visited us a few times but I still miss her. I think I might spend some time with them over Easter!

I've been wishing I could be a child again! Honestly this growing up business isn't just for me. What happened to the days of not thinking about anything and having all my needs met by someone...having my bath in the rain though I knew it would make me sick. That's it! I am declaring that I Writefreak refuse to become an adult, I am still a child...maybe my dream will come true if I say it long enough...but wait o, there is a time for everything. God! You just know how to put me right!

My brother got posted to the outskirts of a city in Imo. He's going to be a secondary school teacher. There's no light, as in NEPA hasn't been giving them at all (not like we're better off here) and his salary from the school is 2k...I'm rotfl as I say it...isn't that just a joke. Isn't it time the govt did something about corpers' allowance? 7k5 or 9k..absolutely ridiculous!

Abuja drivers are driving me nuts! They just plain can't drive or is it that the roads are too wide and too good to be true?

I love my two year old nephew who wants to talk to me on the phone all the time! He doesn't know how to say l, he says he says to me all the time - 'I nove you aunty...he says the l in my name with an n'. He's adorable! And everytime I speak to him now, no matter the time of the day, he says 'I haven't eaten all day aunty'. I hear his mum screaming 'it's a lie'. Children are such a delight!

God gave me a new sister and she rocks! We happened on each other and she's just so cute! I've learnt a lot from her and I dare to call her 'my blessing'. Temite my lovely sister with a pink heart who can't spell... I love ya! You're my blessing and I won't stop believing in you.

I forgot to add that I did this whole entry on my phone! Am I an addict or what? That's a whole entry on its own!


Deedo said...

Guess you really felt like talking to someone...hence the random post. It's ok. we all feel like that sometimes.

Trust me, you're not a blog addict. The last time you put up a post was about a week ago. Addicts put up several posts a day, relevant or not.

Who's this new sister? Your mum delivered recently? Temite is not a person? pls answer.

Funms-the rebirth said...

from a phone, yes u rock....... With your braids packed up and the glasses, im sure u look like a sexy librarian or naughty

LG said...

lollll@contact being a torture' dearie na oyibo dey make we dey buy am :-)

......daughter, just trust fully, one day at a time. I make all things beautiful I'm MY time.

BTW soo there r less owambe's in abj, omo e be like say i go relocate o :-)

Afrobabe said...

Mehn you are darn lucky to get that phone back...the guy is a great guy...

I also wear glasses but unlike you my eyes hurt for at least ten minutes when I put them on...

Kémi Penélopê said...

Is it wrong for me not to have all them grand 5 to 10 year plans? I do have things written down and I know where I'm going. I just like to live one day at a time resting it all in my Father's hands!

My dear, don't feel guilty because I am with you on this one...but seriously to those who have a 5 to 10 year plan, how did you guyz do it?

I've been wishing I could be a child again! Honestly this growing up business isn't just for me...

When we were younger, we wanted to be older...but now that the reality of being older has hit us, we want to be younger...I wish they had an 'age-convertor' portion. That way, I will choose to be ten again...

Love the randomness in this post...

Ms. SpicyTee said...

I hate not getting what I want to.. I like to have it,when I want it and how I want. And God really knows what we want. He is a really great father.

LOL@ bath in the rain,it used to be fun, but we can never be a kid again sis.. Anyway great yarns..

Rita said...

I enjoyed this post, I felt I was on a journey with so much the way you wrote it. Good to know we still have good people...

Temite is too wonderful to have as a sister...have fun...

Deedo said...

On your looks, I assume you're not a nerd. Let me guess. You're some 5ft4, dark-complexioned, a little rounder (and bigger) at the bum than the bust, tummy still tucked in. So, how did I do?

Deedo said...

Kemi Penelope: Since you're wishing there was an age-convertor portion somewhere, you might want to consider getting a time machine at or ha ha

Bibi said...

Random posts...gotta luv them. They reveal so much about someone. As per the glasses, I know I sound silly rite now but I like glasses. A guy wit glasses? Uh la la. Yum. I think u just need the right frames. Maybe a weird color or sumthin. The one your mr got u sounds like it.

Buttercup said...

loooool @ the randomness!

i agree with funms..naughty school teacher, it is! ;) ..i also dont like wearing my glasses, i only wear them when watching tv and when in class..

im not one to plan at all..i just take it as it comes..

wow i feel sorry for ur bro..nawa o..

awwwww @ ur nephew!

thank God for people like Titus!

im clumsy too.. :(

i also wish i were a child again or 30! i just dont like this phase very much..

Writefreak said...

Deedo: if u know me so well, why don't we take this off blogger, there's a reason i choose to be anonymous...I'm beginning to get this weird feeling I'm being stalked and I don't like know who I am but I don't know who you are...

Funms: yay! I rock! Hmmm that doesn't sound so bad!

LG: me I no do o! No contact for noi!
U berra move come sharpish!

Afro; yes o he's a great guy!
U also wear glasses? Chop knuckle!

Kemi: trust me I don't know how they do it! Not sure we can stop being adults....arrrgghhh! Lol

aloted said...

i miss my mummy too :(

going to the market scares me

thot u moved to MTN since?

aloted said...

ehn hen Deedo..who u be o??? pls declare yourself to dey scare my friend like that. thank u

off to ur blog sef

Deedo said...

Relax writefreak. I don't know you. I just have this uncanny ability to describe people from their writings especially writings that i connect with very well. Actually, I just described myself to you. only difference. I don't wear glasses. at least, not right now

Scarlet said...

you hiding ur ferra gamo specs in you bag...*shakes head*...i'd love to get me some nice designer pair...hopefully when i have money. I love wearing glasses...i feel naked when i wear contacts.
I don't think i was cut out for this growing up business i still feel like i'm 18 on a good day

Writefreak said...

Spicy Tee: He sure knows!
Bathing in the rain was bliss- *whispers*..don't tell anyone, I still do it!
Glad u like!

Rita; welcome to my world! Temite is a lovely one.. trust me

Bibi: lol at you liking men with glasses..actually the one I have now is cool!

Bcup: did you get ma mail?
Glasses too..ok we're more than I thought! Lol
U sure u wanna be 30 now? Sweetie pls try and enjoy this phase...I'm very close to it and I'd love to have more 20s I can be like Jenifa and keep celebrating my twenri one baiday! Lmao
Clumsy likeme..I love ya my blog daughter! Lol

Aloted: I have a brilliant idean let's ditch our husbands for some days and go get some mummy time! I wish! Lol
Market- *sighs*
Still planning the MTN move, been a zain fan too long!
Thanks love, I know you got ma back!

Deedo: gosh you gave me a scare! Lol..that's a nice ability u got come u look like to your blog soon!

Scarlet: I kniw, I know..I'll change! Lol at feeling naked in contact

Writefreak said...

Deedo: I'm not angry o, I was just freaked out for a minute!
Temite is a mum can't have a baby at her age!


I am also thanking Titus for his honesty and kindness and sending him an e-tip!

Hey Writefreak. *waves*

O'Dee said...

Corper alawee is 9750.

Awwwwww! Titus is such a hones man. but his name is strange.

I also shop 1ce a month.

O'Dee said...

You should put on your glasses.

I get terrible headaches when I dont wear mine.

yankeenaijababe said...

maybe u should change the glasses and get a more sexy one. I used to be in ur shoes, my old glasses sucked and l looked like a nerd. My new glasses is so sexy and can't wait to wear it on again.

If everyday was Sunday, my goodness YNC would be blessed. I understand that feeling, hang in there, all would be well.

Keep hoping by faith it shall be well.

Nefertiti said...

Veeeeeery random, WF! Everything is in God's hands. We must all learn to trust him. Ehn ehn, me I am not ur sistah anymore abi? okay o.

*off to sulk :(

I hate u, Temite! I keed I keed!

Anonymous said...

Sis, hehehehehehe. I LOVE u more joo. U know what we should be called. the unlikely-duo.

People like Titus give me absolute hope in the integrity of Nigerians. I just LOVE us men.

I happen to know u are HAWTER than me. mschhheeew. lol.


Anonymous said...

well since as u are my sister, and Writefreak is my sister too, we are ALL sisters. Abi no be so?
I beg come back here jooo before something. I will report you to aunty writefreak...that is what I will do. Mscheeeeew!

Just...Toluwa said...

On wishing u cld be a child....em, y again? u wanna hear ur mom yell at u again for bathing in the rain. At least u can do it now without barrs and well pay for ur own medical bills! lol!

Abujamaiden said...

I seriously though Deedo knew Aloted and you!

I haven't been to church for a while and I'm not happy with myself oh!

Hmm, I wonder where I'll be posted to for NYSC oh!

Anonymous said...

I am back
Ok like I was saying,
who are those people that have been keeping my sister up till 6am? lol.
gosh its noon here and I am sleeeeeepy. I will be back yet again. lol

Good Naija Girl said...

Go to bed jare.

I'll come back with something more eloquent...maybe.

L-VII said...

I have been saying, poverty has not rendered everyone corrupt. That was a wonderful example, it made me smile. I'm crazily patriotic and people always throw the 419 thing in my face, it hurts but I know we Nigerians are not all like that.

RocNaija said...

I'm sure I read a blog somewhere that someone said the reason there are so many bad drivers in Abj is because so many people migrated from smaller villages and they're not used to seeing wide expanses of roads.. or something to that effect anyways..

Glad you got your phone back..

And I'm pretty sure I earned the same thing when I was serving a couple of years ago.. Not to talk of these credit crunching times..

Tigeress said...

Lucky somebody being kept all nite. lol!!

And yes my dear, delay is not denial. God's time is the best. :)

Gee said...

ahah Feree Gamo, u wan try!...please do u want to send them..i need such kind of frames in my life me to proudly rock them!

Adaeze said...

What a lovely random post! Can't believe you wrote it all on the phone!
OMG - being up till 5am? When do you get your sleep dear?
I also hate to not get what I want when I want it. Always been a stubborn girl. But it's healthy for me to get off that high horse sometimes.
I can't believe you shop for food ONCE A MONTH? Gosh..I shop like 3 times a week. How do you do that? I need to get better.
I've also been wishing I could be a child again, so much as of lately. Remembering how my beautiful mother looked and how she took care of me. When you're a child you don't know how valuable all those memories are, so you don't store them all! At least me that is. I really wished I could remember more from my childhood.

Wishing you all the best Writefreak :-D

Arewa said...

at least i'm not the only one that manages to fall down or walk straight into something everytime. i'm so damn CLUMSY, it's surprising i didnt kill someone in all those labs we had in college.

rayo said...

this is as random as it gets i guess. about the gateman, u find there are actually loads of people lyk that nd i guess the bad ones are just so bad they'v overshadowed the good.

rayo said...

this is as random as it gets i guess. about the gateman, u find there are actually loads of people lyk that nd i guess the bad ones are just so bad they'v overshadowed the good.

Original Mgbeke said...

I found myself nodding at a lot of things in this your delightfully random post.
My dear, there is nothing wrong with not having grand 5-10 year plans o jare. Take each day as you see am.
Your hubby is sooo sweet. I wish I could wake up one morning and all my stuff would be clean and tidy.
Thank God for honest Nigerians my sister!

Awwww @ you and Temite. :-)

Writefreak said...

SD: I'll let Titus're you and the whole crew?

O'Dee: Oh really? Thanks for the heads up dear...i will wear my glasses, yes i will put them on! lol

YNC: These ones are actually sexy, i just don't know why i tend not to put them've you been dearie?

Neffie: You know i love you like that! *whispers* Even Temite can't take your place in my heart.

Temite: yeah...the unlikely duo sounds're so random! hissing all over the place, ehn?

Just Toluwa: *sighs*...sometimes life is more than bathing in the rain! trust me!

Abujamaiden: You should go to church o! And as for NYSC, we can only hope for the best for you dearie!

GNG: What was this? A comment?

L-VII- I like our new slogan...good people, great nation! We rock!

Roc: Hmmm maybe just maybe that theory is right about people coming from their villages!
Tell me about it...they didn't factor inflation into NYSC allowance at all!

Tigeress: Yes you can say that again...He knows our times and seasons!

Gee: I would have but what explanation would i give Mr en? lol

Adaeze: Well let's say i'm a blackberry addict and i'm familiar with the for food shopping, just make a list of what you need for a month, get storage bags and you're good to go...i hate going to the market so i've got to be

Arewa: thank God you didn't kill someone o! clumsy us! lol

rayo: yes, that's why i put a disclaimer at the beginning lol..i was feeling very very random!

Original Mgbeke: he is sweeeet...i agree! Abeg i can't be bothered, let God worry about all them grand plans!

FineBoy Agbero said...

i'm with u on the 5-10 yrs plas. They're just not it!

QMoney said...

Dont worry,i fought wearing glasses so much now i can hardly going to get them before the end of the month sha before i start knocking over things.i am "clumsy" too but i use bigger grammer from myself.i dont have hand and eye
Big ups to titus oh.God bless him.
I hate not getting what i want and beau has gone as far as saying its one of my weaknesses,i cant handle it.story....
Zain has been ripping u off yet they declared losses?dats funny.
I miss my dad,he such a funny man,i miss gisting with him.
how can u do an entry on your phone?u are a super woman.before this comment becomes a post...peace out

ps:u never replied me,u owe me one!!lol

Writefreak said...

FBA: Thank you o my brother, help me tell

QMoney: Where've you been girl? YOu berra go get those glasses before you become a bat!

I replied you jo, but i'm checking my mail now to see if i really do owe you one!